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At Bruce Nurseries, we are here to help. No matter if you are purchasing plants, in need of some advice, or just trying to learn a little more about gardening and landscaping, we want to point you in the right direction. We created this learn more page to help clear up any questions you may have, and offer some helpful tips to those in need. Explore our resources below, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us if there is something you’re curious about that hasn’t been covered!

10 Steps Toward Winterizing your Garden

The nights have grown frosty over the past month. Bringing our gardening season to a close is often disheartening. All of that work and planning is complete to mark another year gone by, but just because the ground has frozen doesn’t mean the work is over; there is still more to do to winterize your garden.

 Planting in the Fall

Fall might not seem like the opportune time for planting, but don’t pack away your gardening gloves just yet. Learn more about the many benefits of fall planting, along with what to plant and other tips.

Growing for 75 Years

At Bruce Nurseries, we’ve been growing since 1945 which means 2020 marks our 75th anniversary. We couldn’t let this milestone go by unnoticed, we wanted to offer a short history of the nursery and what it means to us.

Fall 2018 Catalog

It is getting near the end of the season, so what’s growing now? We created a revised list of what we have available at the nursery.

Boone’s Pick of the Month

Each month Boone, our faithful farm dog, will choose one of his favorite plants from our nursery to feature. The plant feature articles include tips for planting, growing, and continual care.

 New to Gardening? Here are some tips to get started!

Gardening can be overwhelming for beginners and the sheer undertaking can deter people from even giving it a try. Follow these tips and get your garden started today.

Spring Gardening Prep Checklist

It is the most exciting time of the year, SPRING! Don’t be intimidated by all of the prep work, your dream garden will come to fruition before summer – with a little elbow grease. If you are not sure where to get started on your spring gardening, or you’re just looking for some tips, review our spring gardening checklist to help you get growing!

What is a Native Plant?

Have you heard the term native plant being thrown around, and you’re not entirely sure what it means? Here is an in-depth description of what it means for a plant to be native. If you are looking to purchase native plants, review the inventory of native plants!

What is PA Preferred?

You may have seen the logo on our website, in our catalog, but what does it mean to be PA Preferred? We broke down the requirements of what it takes to be a PA Preferred business, and why it is best to shop from PA Preferred companies.

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