We’ve got the blues! – And 9 other outstanding varieties of hydrangea.

Boone's Pick - Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are dependable long-blooming shrubs that are hardy, virtually pest and disease free, and they are easy to grow.

Hydrangeas come in all sizes, from large growing old-fashioned “Pee Gee,” to the cone-shaped flowers of “Pink Diamond” or “Tardiva.” These hydrangeas form large shrubs with outstanding summer, fall and winter interest.

Hydrangeas at Bruce Nurseries

Blue Hydrangea bloom all summer with soil pH determining the color. Add acidic fertilizer for intense blue color, or add lime for pink flowers. These new and improved varieties bloom on current seasons wood making them reliable bloomers even here in Zone 5, Somerset County.

Oakleaf Hydrangea has large leaves with huge white panicle flowers and intense red fall foliage – simply amazing! We are now growing dwarf varieties of Oakleaf “Sikes Dwarf” for smaller areas.

With all hydrangeas – don’t cut off the late blooms – let them boldly stand tall among the winter snow. They look great!

Hydrangea varieties Bruce Nurseries is currently growing:

  • Annabelle – Huge white flowers, grows 3-5 ft.
  • All Summer Beauty Blue – Blue or pink all summer
  • Pee Gee, Old-fashioned – White/pink large shrub
  • Pink Diamond or Tardiva – Cone-shaped flowers, large
  • Oakleaf – Large flowers, great fall color.
  • Oakleaf “Sikes Dwarf” – new dwarf variety
  • Climbing Hydrangea – Glossy foliage with flowers

If you are interested in growing hydrangeas at home or adding them to your next landscaping project come to the nursery to pick one out today.

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