B & B Evergreens

B&B stands for balled and burlapped, we sell our evergreens this way because it is the healthiest way. Extracting the entire root system ensures that the evergreen can survive the transplant into your home garden or landscaping.

 native= Native Plant

Our B&B Evergreens:

Boxwood Schmidt Buxus buxus

Korean Buxus buxus

Lawson Upright Cypress cypress

Gold Plume Cypress cypress

Douglas Fir fir

Concolor Fir fir

Holly Blue Princess ilex

Blue Prime ilex

Nordic ilex glabra

American Holly ilex opaca

Blue Pfitzer Juniper juniperus

Seagreen Juniper juniperus

Robusta Blue Juniper juniperus

Skyrocket Juniper juniperus

Spartan Juniper juniperus

Norway Spruce
Serbian Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce

White Spruce

Cuspidata taxus yew

Cuspidata Nana taxus

Densa-intermedia taxus

Hickski taxus

Emerald thuja arborvitae

George Peabody thuja

Gold Pyramidal thuja

Elegantissma thuja

Woodward Globe thuja

Rockwood Gold Globe thuja

native Hemlock tsuga

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