B & B Landscaping Trees

If you are a landscaping professional or looking to spruce up your lawn, we’ve got a nice selection of pre-dug trees available in landscaping sizes. They are healed-in and ready to plant and available from 1½” cal. to 5” cal. Trees we currently have available are listed below, but if you are looking for something specific, ask us and we can get it for you!

Our B&B Landscaping Trees

Oaks quercus – Red, white, Pin, English Columnar, Chestnut

Ginko ginkgo biloba– Princeton Sentry

Locust gleditsia triacanthos – Shademaster


Lilacs syringa – Japanese Tree Lilac

Blackgum nyssa sylvatica &  Sweetgum liquidambar styraciflua

Kousa Dogwood cornus kousa

Heritage Birch betula nigra

Campestre acer campestre & Amur Flame Maple aer ginnala

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