Ornamental Grasses

Make big changes to your garden with low-maintenance ornamental grasses. With a large variety of plants, you can find the color and texture of grass to compliment your existing landscaping.

native = Native Plant

Our Ornamental Grasses:

Green Reed Grass 15’+ arundo


Little Blue Stem 18″ andropogon


Side Oats Blue Gamma 12″ bouteloua gracilis


native Northern Sea Oats chasmanthium latifolium


Pampas Grass 5′ miscanthus siensis cortaderia

Pampas Grass

Maiden Grass 5′ miscanthus gracillimus

Maiden Grass

Variegated Maiden Grass miscanthus variegatus

Zebra Grass 6′ miscanthus zebrinus

Redleaf Pampas 5′ miscanthus

Giant Chinese Silver 10’+ miscanthus floridas

Giant Chinese Silver Grass


Black Mondo 8″ Mondo


Plume Grass 6’+ erianthus ravannae


Festina Fescue 12′ festuca glauca


Variegated Manna Grass 24″ gyceria variegata


Big Twister Rush 16″ juncus

Blue Arrows 24″ juncus


Feather Reed Grass 6′ calamagrostis karl foerster

Feather Reed Grass


Big Blue Lilly Turf 12″ liriope

Big Blue Liriope

Variegated Lilly Turf 12″ liriope


native Switch Grass 5′ panicum


Fountain Grass pennisetum alopecuriodes

Dwarf Fountain Grass pennisetum hameln


native Indian Grass sorgastrum

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