IMG_1051As the winter season sets in, the Hollies (Ilex) show their bounty of berries. Boone chose holly as his December pick because you can’t help but notice it’s one of the only plants in bloom this time of year.

  • American Holly (Ilex opaca) are large pyramidal shaped trees that can reach up to 25 feet tall.
  • Blue Hollies (Ilex meserveae) and their many new cultivars are medium-sized with heavy berry sets and glossy foliage.
  • Winterberry Holly (Ilex verticillata) are deciduous shrubs. The new variety “stoplight” has huge bright red berries that cling to the branches until late winter when the birds return to feed on them.
  • Boxleaf Holly (Ilex crenata) or Nordic Holly (Ilex alabra) are low growing evergreens with small round leaves and blac kberries.

All of the berry-bearing varieties need to have a male plant nearby for pollination.

We are growing over 15 varieties of Ilex, available in all sizes.

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