What is a Native Plant?

Native plants are classified as plants that are indigenous to a particular area, region, habitat or ecosystem. Native plants have developed, occur naturally or have existed for many years in the area without human intervention.


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It is important to get native plants from a nursery or grow them from wild collected seeds or cuttings. These plants will be more likely to survive in your garden. Digging native plants from the wild is can be very harmful. You can diminish and reduce the population. Obviously the plant you took will be gone but the void may fill with an invasive weed. The shock of uprooting these plants can cause them to perform poorly in your garden. Not to mention taking native plants from the wild eliminates food and shelter for the native wild animals that depend on them to survive. Be sure to responsibly source all of your native plants to get them the best shot at survival.

There are many benefits to choosing native plants for your landscaping; they are resilient in your environment and easy to care for. If you are looking to for plants that will mimic the nature surrounding your garden, native plants are the best choice.

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