Native Plants

At our nursery we have a variety  of native plants available. The following is a list of all of our native plants. Are you wondering, “What is a Native Plant?”

Evergreens & Shrubs

native Bearberry arctostaphylos

native Brilliant Red Chokeberry aronia brilliantissima

native Swamp Azalea azalea viscosum

native Spicebush calycanthis

native Summer Sweet (White) clethra alnifolia

native Gray Dogwood (N) cornus racemosa

native Red Twig Dogwood (N) cornus Siberian

Annabelle Hydrangea

native Annebelle Hydrangea  hydrangea arborescens annebelle

native Oakleaf Hydrangea hydrangea guercifolia

native American Holly ilex opaca

native Winterberry Holly ilex verticillata

native Stop Light ilex verticillata males

native Sweetspire itea henry garnet

native Mountain Laurel kalmia

native Bayberry myrica pennsylvanica

native White Pine pinus strobus

native Grow-Low Fragrant Sumac (ground cover, cut back each spring) rhus aromatic gro-low

native Elderberry –Fruiting sambuscus aurea

native Hemlock tsuga

native Blueberries – 8 Varieties vaccinium

native American Cranberry vaccinium macrocarpon

native Arrowood Viburnum viburnum dentatum

native Nannyberry Viburnum viburnum lentago

native Compact American Cranberry viburnum trolobum compacta

native Smooth Witherod viburnum winterhur

Ornamental Grasses

native Northern Sea Oats chasmanthium latifolium

native Switch Grass 5′ panicum

native Indian Grass sorgastrum


native Arkansaw Blue Star amsonia

native Goats Beard aruncus

native Aster aster

native Moonbeam coreopsis

native Purple Cone Flower echinacea

native White Swan Coreflower echinacea

native Pow Wow Wild Berry echinacea

native Hot Summer echinacea

native Autumn Bride heuchera

native Cardinal Flower lobelia

native Evening Primrose (yellow) oenothera

native Siskiyou (pink) oenothera

native Black Eyes Susan Goldstrum rudbeckia

native Red Hot Poker tritoma

native Tiarella tiarella


native All of our ferns are native plants

Ground Cover

native Myrtle vinca minor

B&B Evergreens

native Hemlock tsuga

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